What is WIN Trading Signals?


Signals of your success

Each trading day, you will receive notifications, which will detail, using actual analysis from our traders, the following:

  • Any newly identified possible entries
  • Updates on previously identified possible entries

These updates will include entry price, stop price, Trade Risk and Margin calculations. As the trade progresses, you will also receive updates on stops and exits.

These signals will cover:

  • Futures contracts and CFDs over commodities
  • Futures contracts and CFD’s over indices
  • Forex margin contracts and CFD’s over forex contracts

Trial subscription

We offer a trial Telegram Group we call Trade of the Day. where you will receive one Trade per Day if there is one available and updates on previous Days trades. There is no fee for this – it is free.

Point and Click   

WIN Trading Signals has been developed as a Point and Click trading system to allow people with little or no experience to trade with the same results as  an experienced trader. WIN Trading Signals will appeal to people who want to learn – but don’t have time, people who have done courses previously, but cannot make it work for whatever reason – the course may have had bad material, the people may not have put the work in, and traders who recognise their results are not as good as those we have achieved.

Monthly Subscription  Most other providers want a full year subscription up front, however, to make it easier for our clients we offer a monthly fee, so that they can take it out of their profits regularly instead of a big outlay up front.  However, we also provide a 20% discount for those who wish to pay annually.

Payment Options

Once you have subscribed – you should be taken to our Thank You and Welcome page.  If you are not taken there please contact Janice Giraldo on Telegram or send email to member@WINTradingSignals.com

All reports available   No one else we can find in the World has every report they have ever released available for scrutiny by prospective subscribers – this is mostly because their reports (the ones I have tracked) lose money over the long term.  See our Why Subscribe Page for our reports and Track Record from our previous service.   For our latest reports and our unlimited Free Trial join our Public Free Trade of the Day Group on Telegram. 



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